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Sencha Karigane Tea

Sencha Karigane Tea


Simply put...

A light, refreshing, focusing tea. From the tea gardens of Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Our Sencha Karigane is a green tea from Japan. This tea has a mild, sweet taste and a wonderful fresh aroma.

How to make Sencha Karigane Tea

Amount of tea per serving (200 ml): 5g (one tea caddy spoon / 2 teaspoons)

Temperature of water: 80℃ / 176℉ (boil kettle, cool for 40 seconds)

Infusion time: 1 - 1.5 minutes as desired

Number of infusions: 3

How to enjoy: No milk, no sugar

In more depth...

Provenance: Uji, Japan

Sencha Karigane Tea Grade: Our Sencha Karigane is made using high quality sencha. It is from the Ichibancha or first flush harvest, the first of the year, taking place in early Spring. This crop is richer in aromas than later teas and more highly prized.

Sencha Karigane Tea Origin: Our Sencha Karigane is grown in Uji, Kyoto. Karigane is made using the stems and veins of the highest-quality Sencha from the tea garden. Karigane stems are rich in Teanin, which is found in Gyokuro and Matcha grown under shades twenty to thirty days before the harvest. This higher concentration of Teanin gives the tea a sweeter and less bitter flavour than standard Sencha.

Sencha Karigane Tea Flavour: This tea makes a translucent, bright yellowy-green liquor. It has a gentle refreshing aroma. The mild taste is sweet with very little bitterness. Sencha Karigane is ideal starting point for those who are new to green tea, as well as providing a different experience for those more accustomed.

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