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A weekend with some inspirational Dorset businesses!

This weekend we attended three great events.  One was the Best of Britannia in London {more about this later}.  The other two were in Dorset with two very different but equally inspiring local businesses.

With our business based here in North Dorset we are always delighted to be invited along to local events which pair well with talking about and sampling our fine teas.  On Friday we were really excited to attend the opening of the new Enchanted Plants shop in Shaftesbury.

Enchanted Plants has been in Shaftesbury since 2007 but has now moved onto the high street.   Run by the inspirational Jemma Cannon (a Medical Herbalist - photograph below) they hand make organic soaps, balms and blend organic plant oils and extracts for skincare. The business has grown from Jemmas personal love of plants and their endless potential for improving health and well being.  When we met Jemma we realised what a great match our companies are.  For us and many of our customers the ritualistic act and art of selecting, preparing and taking tea is highly therapeutic.  The space that Jemma has created is calm and soothing with a wonderful view over the town.  Here you can buy a selection of our black, green and white tea along with our tea napkins and bowls.  Jemma also plans to offer her clients tea as part of their consultation and we are busy planning some tea workshops that tie in with the themes that Jemma looks at throughout the year.  We can't wait for this partnership to grow - if you have not visited Jemmas enchanting store yet then it is a must {and you can always pop over to the Grosvenor Arms afterwards where they also serve great {Comins} tea!}

Enchanted Plants

Today we attended the open weekend at Simon Pirie Furniture.  Simon and his team are makers of beautiful contemporary furniture {some really beautiful pictures here} and public art.  They were hosting an open weekend to showcase their furniture and offer clientele a unique glimpse behind the scenes in their workshop.  We offered guests the opportunity to sample of our 17 loose leaf teas while they viewed the furniture as well as the work of other local glass and ceramic makers.  As supporters of great British Design and manufacture it was great to see such amazing craftsmanship so close to home.  We very much look forward to working with Simon and the team again in the future.

(Photo mattaustinimages - as per the link above)

simon pirie

Thank you to both Simon & Jemma for inviting us along to their amazing events.  It was a privilege to attend and share tea with you and your guests.

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