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Comins & Friends Podcast : Episode 2 The Story of Sweven Coffee with Jimmy Dimitrov

We meet so many interesting people through our life in #tea so we last year we launched our simple podcast called Comins & Friends .  This is the space where 'Michelle Comins - co-founder of direct trade tea merchants Comins Tea invites friends & collaborators to  share their stories over a bowl of tea'

In this episode <<click here>> Michelle speaks to Jimmy at Sweven Coffee - this was actually recorded back in late 2020 when we were able to sit outside Sweven coffee in Bristol and record our chat. Sweven, Jimmy Dimitrov & Aga hold a special place in our hearts at Comins as they were our first partner for our partnership brand Comins Tea with Purpose. An inspirational couple here Jimmy, a legend in the coffee world, shares his story, the story of Sweven [including a lovely story about where their shop got its name] and more about his views on the industry and of course tea.
We hope you enjoy the listen [please excuse the traffic!] and make sure you put a visit to their amazing space top of your list post lockdown!

We hope you enjoy! 

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