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In their own words | Stories from our partners | Rachel Dormor

In the second in our series 'In their own words | Stories from our partners' we visit the studio of British Potter Rachel Dormor.  We have always believed that the 'experience' of enjoying fine tea is as important as the tea itself and when we started our company we wanted to create our own British made tea bowls for people to enjoy our fine teas from.  We have worked with Rachel ever since and use these beautiful tea bowls in our tea houses every day as well as sending them all over the UK and the world to our customers.  People often ask us if they can buy the tea bowl they have used in the Tea House to take home as a reminder of their time with us - a sign of how important 'connection' is in tea drinking and tea culture.  

In our last blog we mentioned that 'By making more educated purchasing decisions we can support improvements in standards benefiting those who work in and around tea.'  Just as we need to build transparent partnerships and pay a fair price to tea growers around the world at Comins we believe we also need to support our amazing home grown talent.  As you can see from this video tucked away in our towns, cities and county-side are dedicated and talented makers continuing great traditions and producing beautiful, functional products that will last us many years.   

Rachel prefers not to be interviewed on camera - letting her craftsmanship speak for itself.  This is her work, in her own words.  

Enjoy Comins Tea from these wonderful tea bowls at our tea houses in Bath and Sturminster or buy online to create your own ceremony at home.

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