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One Year on....

Yesterday we celebrated the first Birthday at the Tea House.  We offered our customers free tasters of Tea House Matcha Madeleines and Matcha Truffles & did what we love doing best - making & sharing tea.  It got pretty busy in the afternoon - thank you for your patience while we prepared your tea!  

We have had many reflections on the year but the topic we come back to time and time again are the wonderful people the Tea House has given us the opportunity to meet and connect with over tea.  We were lucky enough to get lots of birthday cards and best wishes from people we have met over the year yesterday - thank you.  One special couple we would like to mention are Andrew and Nina Gilbert.  We met at the British Family Fayre last year and have since had the pleasure of welcoming them to the Tea House and also connecting regularly over twitter.   Yesterday Andrew & Nina travelled from Southampton to have a birthday tea with us at the Tea House and to present us with the most beautiful and thoughtful gift - this hand drawn glass plate made by Nina.  There is, for us, nothing better to sum up a great year and the wonderful generosity of our customers than this.  Thank you so much.  

Here is to many more successful years.  Thank you Rob & Michelle Comins xxxxx

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