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Rob is off to Taiwan!


Exciting News.  At the end of October Rob is heading off to Taiwan to further understand the remarkable Taiwanese Oolongs that we currently stock and also bring new and exciting teas back to the Tea House to share with you all.  He will spend his time immersed in tea and tea culture - picking, plucking and making teas under the watchful eye of Tea Masters.  Rob also has plans to produce his own signature high mountain Oolong - let's see how that goes...

Comins Tea House is committed to exploring and sharing the provenance of our fine teas.  We believe that by sharing the story of where our teas come from, the process to make them and the cultural roots behind them we can enhance your enjoyment of each type of tea.  We plan to share our Taiwanese experience with you through our blog and also through several tasting evenings that we will hold in the Tea House on Robs return.  Watch this space....

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