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Summer Brews : Comins Iced Tea

At this time of year many of our customers start to enquire about iced teas. As you can imagine we don't serve the stereotypical 'iced tea' with aded sugar, citrus and fruit! Instead we celebrate the natural flavour of the teas we serve with absolutely nothing added.

When it comes to making tea in this way there are two main methods :-
>> The first is to brew the tea normally and then let it cool, until it can be placed in the fridge to get down to chilled level. Add some ice and its ready.
>> The second method is to add ambient temperature from the cold tap to the tea in a large container and then place this in the fridge overnight (10hrs or so). This takes longer but can get much finer results.

Which method you choose depends on the tea you are using. The overnight method tends to bring out lighter flavours that otherwise you may not get, but the cooling method can bring out bolder flavours if that's your preference. Try both methods and see which one you prefer. From the Comins range of teas our favourites are made using sencha Japanese green, shou mei Chinese white, shanlinxi Taiwanese oolong and moonshine Indian white. We have tried many more and amongst the Comins team we agree on many and disagree on some. So pick a tea and give it a try!
ALSO - Why not make tea ice cubes, which will then not water down your cold tea when they melt?

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