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Take time over tea with Benchmark at Clerkenwell Design Week

This week we are really excited to be joining the team from Benchmark Furniture at Clerkenwell design week.  Benchmark is led by Sean Sutcliffe who, on the recommendation of Sam from Hole & Corner magazine, [check out this beautiful publication if you have not come across it already....] came into our Tea House one day.  We chatted and discovered that their Dorset Workshop is just up the road.  From here we shared tea and have been privileged to visit and learn more about this wonderful British business.  You can read more about Benchmark Furniture on their website where Sean, his team and the beautiful pictures speak far more eloquently than we can but to us this statement says it all :-

'Our love of making starts from the stewardship of trees, down to the hands-on-making by our highly skilled team. We believe firmly that the pleasure gained from using a piece is directly related to the care given by the hand of the maker.'



At Comins we believe that fine tea is far more than a drink.  Prepared with care and by sharing an understanding of the origins of the tea we source and prepare we believe in tea as a connector, a way to slow people and conversation down and encourage consideration and exchange of ideas. This blog from Benchmark Furniture perfectly sums up our collaboration at Clerkenwell design week this year - we look forward to sharing tea with you while you take time to meet and talk with the inspirational team behind Benchmark Furniture amongst their beautiful creations!

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