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Taking time over tea

At Comins Tea House we talk a lot about taking time over tea.  To get the best out of our teas you simply can't rush them - that is the beauty of good quality loose leaves.  But let's be honest - this is not a new concept.  As we travel around the world it is almost inconceivable that we would be served tea in a paper cup - even in the middle of nowhere a ceramic vessel suddenly appears - along with a few chairs - and an impromptu ceremony begins.  But what is the British Tea Ceremony?  Does it exist outside of fancy hotels and tea rooms?  Do people care anymore.  We think they do - we have the great fortune of meeting people everyday at the Tea House who buy our teas and take them home to recreate their own unique ceremony.  But perhaps more widely the British ceremony of taking tea has skipped a generation - overtaken with an instancy in our increasingly busy and more disposable lives.

Well, we saw something today that reminded us that taking time over a good cup of tea is still very much embedded somewhere in the British psyche.  And it made us smile.  The ingredients.  Two people for a day out at the seaside.  One flask.  A Carton of milk. Two ceramic mugs.  And some tea.  We stopped to talk to them and take this photo {proving again what a great connector tea is!} - intrigued as to the effort that would go to bringing two ceramic mugs out to a seafront bench.  The answer.  'Well it makes a difference doesn't it - tea tastes so much better out of a good cup'.  And there they sat.  With their tea. In their favourite cups.  Proof that the British love affair with tea and and our own unique take on the tea ceremony is still very much alive.


Love it.

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