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Tea & Terroir | Our Tasting Club

Those of you who know us at Comins well know that we take the provenance of our tea very seriously - travelling all over the world in order to visit the people and places that produce the teas we serve you everyday.    Back in March we teamed up with the Soil Association to bring you the first in a series of short articles focussed on tea & one of our favourite topics - soil. You can read the first article focused on Kenya here - the next will follow soon.

Over the coming months we will be sharing stories from around the tea world detailing just how important soil and soil management is in producing great tasting, sustainable teas. Obviously soil is not a factor that can be discussed in complete isolation so we will be talking about terroir more broadly.

As part of this initiative we also offered 6 people the chance to become tea tasters for the countries we profile. The idea being that we send our tasters a variety of teas from the countries profiled in the articles we write along with a short [& very simple] questionnaire.  Our tasters will taste the teas and share their thoughts which will then post on our blog for others to read and enjoy.  All part of our commitment to opening up debate and conversation at our Tea Houses & beyond.

The first pack for Kenya is about to go out so it is time to meet our Tasters!  We asked each of them to send us [I] A picture to represent themselves [II] A few words about themselves [III] A few words on why they are interested to get involved.  You can see what they shared below & we look forward to updating you on the thoughts of the group soon!


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