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Transitioning to new compostable packaging

Respect Tea & our planet

Transitioning to new compostable packaging

We take great care in sourcing distinctive, flavourful teas from partners we know, trust and respect. Spending time with these par.tners, understanding their motivations, methods, relationship with their community and the land is a top priority for us. Making sure their teas reach you and your cup in top condition is also a top priority for us. Considering the environmental impact of our business is a strand that runs through all of the above.

For months now we have been considering the change to our packaging. Quality tea needs to be stored in conditions that prevent deterioration of the leaf and our choice of new compostable packaging with beautiful hand stamped designs by Mariko Aruga Illustration reflects this


Many of you will know that finding the packaging is only the first step. Our industrial systems in the UK are simply not set up in the right way to accept compostable waste. So what should we do? Stop, wait for that to change or be a pro-active partner in the change movement. We have chosen the latter - working with the packaging company and a local green waste site we have helped facilitate connections that will see packaging tested and new avenues for compostable waste opened up.  You can read more about that here

We have started transitioning to our new packaging firstly with our black teas and the rest to follow

Please consider RE-FILLING your packaging at our Tea Houses or RETURNING your compostable packets to us to be refilled if ordering online [details of all of this are in our ‘Our Packaging’ section of our website]. If you do need to dispose of your packaging then please either bring it into the Tea House where we will collect it or follow the guidance on the back of our packets [below] and the website (where you can also read more on the work we have been doing to understand and establish channels for the effective disposal of compostable packaging)

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