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Gyokuro : Superior Grade [blended]

Gyokuro : Superior Grade [blended]


Simply put...

This Gyokuro [superior grade : blended] tea is mild and sweet with an elegant aroma. 

In more depth....

Tea Name : Gyokuro [superior grade : blended]

Origin : Cooperative farmers in Uji and Wazuka

Size : 30 to 60 hectare per farm.

Harvest Time : Middle and end of first harvest of the year. (Middle to end of May)

Cultivar : 'Yabukita' and 'Okumidori'

Plucking standard : Machine trimmed.  Shaded 20-30 days before harvesting (A process known as Jikagise)

Processing : 

Steaming : 30-60 seconds 
[The exact timing will depend on the condition of new growth]

Kneading : 1.5 hours or more.

Shaping : 1 hour.

Drying : 1 hour.

Experience : mild and sweet tea with an elegant aroma

How to prepare [kyusu]

Amount of tea per cup (200 ml): 5g (one tea caddy spoon)

Temperature of water: 60℃ / 140℉

Infusion / brewing time: 2-3 minutes 

Number of infusions: 3-4

In more depth...

Some interesting Gyokuro facts : Gyokuro is grown under shade for the last twenty days before harvesting, a technique which creates its sweet taste.

This Gyokuro [superior grade : blended] is not only a great introduction to those who have not tried this type of tea before.  For more regular Gyokuro drinkers it offers a great combination of quality and value that a more regular drinker will appreciate.

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