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Comins Ice Brewed vs Iced Tea

We are talking a lot about Ice Brewed Tea lately - but is it just a 'trend' or does it actually taste good?

Comins Ice Brewed vs Iced Tea | Our ice brewed tea is probably not what you would expect. It is not to be confused with the sweetened canned or bottled type that is very common in the USA.

The method we most commonly use {there are others - see our last blog} involves simply taking our loose leaf tea, placing it in a jug, filling with ice, topping up with water and then leaving it in the fridge for a minimum of 8 hours. No hot water required. The leaf is then removed and without the addition of anything else apart from a couple of ice cubes, the ice brewed tea is served. Simple but effective.


Brewing with only ice cold water brings out more delicate, subtle flavours that stand up on their own. It's not as intense as hot brewed tea, but that's the whole point, it's meant to a refreshing alternative. Like our teas we don't add anything to our ice brews - we prefer the pureness of knowing that you are tasting all the flavours that particular leaf possesses.  However you can certainly personalise your ice brew with a little mint or a touch of lemon to your taste.

Customer Reaction | This is all well and good, but do our customers like it? The majority do. Our Tea House customers mostly ask for it with a background of having enjoyed that particular tea hot - so they are prepared for what arrives. We do, however, participate in many festivals and food shows, where many people are firstly attracted by the offer of a free sample. This results in a fascinating cross section of reactions, especially as we encourage truthful feedback (as we do with all our teas). From passionate loose leaf tea drinkers, through builder's brew fanatics to herbal infusionists we have converted a fair few to try news teas through ice brew. The delicate flavours are a good introduction to teas like the grassy sencha and roasty houjicha, teas that may not necessarily have been peoples first choice before.  It's not for everyone - those that are used to stronger flavours may not taste much, it may be too much like 'cold tea' for others.

Which Teas can be Ice Brewed? | Any loose leaf tea can be used. Some are better than others, but it all comes down to personal preference. It's all about giving it a go and experimenting. Our favourites are Sencha (Japanese green), Darjeeling First Flush (Indian black), Oriental Beauty (Taiwanese Oolong) and Houjicha (Japanese roasted green).

So what are you waiting for - give it a try & let us know how you get on!  

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