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Boogie Woogie Comes to Comins

One of the more common questions we get asked is 'why did you open in Sturminster Newton'?  Before we found our home & our Tea House we had never been here.  The answer is simple.  We fell in love with the building & with the town.  First impressions can be deceiving.  This is a small market town.  Quiet.  Not much going on.  Right?

Happily this is Wrong!  There is a huge amount going on run by passionate people who really care.  You just have to know where to look.  One such event is the 10th Annual Boogie Woogie Festival - an acclaimed international festival, taking place right here, in our town {and in our Tea House}.  Sturminster Newton has a long tradition of being the centre of Boogie Woogie and Blues in Dorset.  From the 4th to the 6th July the whole town will come alive with music, dance and swing for 3 days.  


Boogie Woogie

The full programme can be viewed here but there are two events where Comins are specifically getting involved with a piano IN the Tea House.

4th July : 

Open Session at Comin's Tea House  14.30 - 15.15  Free


Boogie Advert

5th July : 

Tea Dance (open to all) with Ben van Hal. Speciality teas and cakes from Comin's Tea House  17.00 - 18.00  £10


Boogie Woogie 3

So come on down to Sturminster Newton & join the Boogie Woogie!

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