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Jane Pettigrew Returns to Comins

Recently voted the Worlds Top Tea Educator at the World Tea Expo the wonderful & engaging Jane Pettigrew will join us at the Tea House this Saturday when we will talk & taste through the social history of tea.  We will follow Janes talk with fine Comins tea & Patisserie.

Jane's talks are always fascinating and educational - when Michelle first became really interested in tea she attended one of Jane's masterclasses in London and our relationship has grown since then.  It is so nice - all these years later - to invite Jane back to our own Tea House and hear from her about such an interesting topic.

Jane Pettigrew

Jane's talk will start with a general introduction about arrival of teas in England, discuss the 18th century and the growing consumption of tea amongst upper classes and the growing taste for tea among the lower classes including the 'tea break' before moving into the 19th century.  Here we will learn more about the increasing difficulty of trading with China, opium wars etc, the idea of growing our own tea, the first experimental tea gardens in Assam and the first black Assam teas into London in 1838/9.

From here we will explore Darjeeling & its development before heading to Ceylon and discussing the history of the tea industry in Sri Lanka.  We will end with a journey through the 20th century looking into the expansion of African tea gardens in the 1950s, CTC manufacture in the 1930s and the arrival of the tea bag and blends.
Firmly in the 21st century - and of course in our modern day Tea House we will then talk about & taste teas that are more popular today.
Tasting teas relevant to each stage of the Tea story will make this an engaging and unmissable event!
Tickets £15 | Please call 01258 475389 | Only a few tickets remaining
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