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New Teas at Comins | It takes time.

Comins Tea House is born out of a passion for tea.  Pure and simple.  Tea.  The Leaf. Unblended. The ceremony.  The amazing natural flavours.  & the joy that we get from finding great teas and sharing them with you.

For a new tea to join the shelves at Comins it takes time.  Time to visit the plantations, meet the growers, understand the tea culture.  We promise when new teas do join us it will be worth the wait.  Our new Taiwanese teas selected on Robs recent trip {that many of you have already sampled and loved} should be just 3 weeks away from taking a permanent position on our shelves.  & when we prepare them for you we will be able to share the story of exactly where they come from - which we hope will make your tea experience even more special.

Thank you for your patience {& keep posted for more exciting news on Comins tea travels this Spring} 


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