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The Comins 2023 Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2023 Comins Christmas Gift Guide

Hello tea friends.  We hope you are doing well out there and enjoying the wonders that Winter brings.  At this time of year we look forward to sending out this, our Christmas gift guide, to share some of the teas, teaware & experiences that we love the most.  We know that Christmas means different things to different people so whether it is about treating yourself to a favourite tea that you can simply sit, sip & savour or offering tea & the wonderful tea experience to someone you know will appreciate it we hope we have you covered.  There is free UK shipping with code FREESHIP until midnight Tuesday 12th Dec as our gift to you.  But the most important part of this blog is to say THANK YOU for being part of our community - we appreciate each & every one of you and so do our tea partners all around the world.  We have our Christmas tea tasting in Bath with Rob this Wednesday should you wish to join us - more details below . 

Please note this guide is taken from our newsletter so please excuse the formatting

With very best wishes.  Rob & Michelle

You can browse all of our gift sets here - with more specific ideas below

Tea Staples

Although we source many teas from around the world we have a few teas we drink almost every day.  A great place to start if you are new to tea
For Breakfast Ruby Black
Your Daily Green Sencha Karigane
In the Afternoon : Glenburn First Flush

Introductory teaware

It can be hard to know what teaware to invest in if you are getting started.  
All teas : White Teapot 
Japanese tea Mamima Kiln Kyusu
Large leaf Black,Green,Oolong,Puer : Gaiwan
Oolong & Puer Red Clay Teapot

Go GABA this Christmas 

For those looking to explore something a little different why not try a selection of GABA teas.  You can read about GABA processing here and choose from the following teas to try :-
Taiwan GABA Green
Tamarayokucha GABA
Koucha GABA
Spring GABA Oolong 

Brewing in style 

For the more experienced tea drinker looking to tailor their tea experience to their teas we have some beautiful teaware at the Tea House.  

Houbin and Shiboridashi are used for high grade teas such as Gyokuro and Kabusecha.  There are some beautiful pieces from Syouhou kiln & Gyokuyru studio.  We also have some beautiful tea trayscaddieskettles & water coolers 

Robs top pick

For me it's hard to beat the distinct umami of this deliciously rich Okumidori Gyokuro.  This tea makes a light green liquor and has a fresh, green aroma taking me right back to the stunning tea fields of Sakamoto-san.  Green tea perfection

Michelles top pick

For me the tea of the season are these wild tea rods from Buddhika who recently came to visit.  'Made from Twenty five two leaves, buds and stems hand Twisted by skilled artisans to me it is a taste of nature'

Tokoname Treats 

We have so many beautiful pieces from Tokoname many of which are just one piece.  Our absolute favourite has to be this beautiful cat & paw kyusu from Syouhou kiln which would look stunning on this beautiful Japanese tray

One off pieces from Seong Il

New pieces from Seong Il to be treasured & enjoyed for many years. Top of our list is this Jeju Red Clay pot porcelain nuka glazed pot & these beautiful nature inspired plates from Hye-jin are the icing on the cake! 

Mats, Scoops & Cloths

Setting the table for tea is such an important part of a calming ritual.  We love this Ramie cloth , these Japanese cloths & beautiful scoops both simple & more ornate made from stunning cherry wood.  Tea time never looked so good. 

Beautiful incense

We love to create a calm atmosphere in the Tea House and our new matchaagarwood & sandalwood incense from Shunkohdo is perfect.  Even more perfect when in this cute incense holder from Tokoname

Vouchers for tea & tea time

For those who are difficult to buy for we have a selection of vouchers which can be used in both our Tea Houses >> browse vouchers here 

Tea Tasting Experiences

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about tea we offer both online and in person tea experiences.  Come join us & explore!

Please check our website for all the details on our opening times & click & collect

If you are planning to visit as a group - especially at Shatwell Farm on the 21st or the 22nd please try to email in advance if you can! You can also click & collect at both Tea Houses

Join Rob for a Christmas tasting & late night Shopping in Bath THIS Weds

Rob will offer a tasting of some of our favourite teas and tea stories from the year & keep the Tea House open later to allow for some late night shopping with 10% off for guests 

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