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The Comins 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

WOW! It's December already... & in these beautifully dark winter days tea is a most necessary companion!  We have started to receive emails asking for our recommendations for gifting this Christmas - so here we offer you our Comins guide to feeling calm & connected [through tea] this Christmas. 

We also include our opening times through to the new year [yes...this year we are open in Bath between Christmas & New Year & also open in Dorset on SATURDAY 17th December] as well as details on shipping [please, if you can, order early due to strikes!] & click & collect 

Next week we are also delighted to invite you to a couple of special events : our Dark Days : Early morning Tea & Meditation events in Dorset & our first late night opening & tea social in Bath - more details on both can be found below.  Please do come and join us! 

Let us end this introduction by recognising that this time of year can evoke many different emotions.  At Comins we aim to create  a calm & welcoming community so please do always feel free to call us or send us an email as well as call in for tea.  We always love to hear from you.  If you are on Instagram you can also join Michelle for her daily tea ritual at 7am [or catch up later] where she shares the teas from our advent calendar; offering a moment for yourself, over tea.

Thank you, as always for being part of our community.  We appreciate each & every one of you & hope to share tea soon.  With best wishes for the festive season Rob & Michelle xx

Drink your winter Greens!

Rob's top pick for these cold winter days is this beautiful Okumidori Gyokuro.  The okumidori cultivar combined with the gyokuro processing creates an umami packed rich sweet tea 

A luxury black tea 

Michelle's top pick this festive season is our luxurious Taiwanese Mi Xian Black :  A smooth black tea with creamy character and hints of honey.  The perfect Winter Indulgence

Christmas isn't Christmas without a fine Darjeeling

It wouldn't be a Comins Christmas newsletter without a mention of Darjeeling & this year we give special mention to this small lot overseen by Rajah Banerjee from one of the co-ops we visited this year - a beautifully light first flush

A firm favourite returns

Many of us like to start the day with a more robust cup of black tea & we are delighted to again have a delicious small lot of TEMI second Flush in stock this winter season.  A deliciously flowery & fruity cup this is a true taste of the Himalayas - one we are sure you will love

Super Shiboridashi

Japanese Shiboridashi are a type of small handleless vessel adapted for relatively slow and cooler  temperature brewing.   From the ornate to the more simple they are all beautiful

A wide range of Kyusu

From the simple Kyusu we use in the tea house to some beautifully ornate pieces like the popular black flower kyusustarry night & those more suited to gyokuro such as this flat red kyusu

Yuzamashi for cooling water

We are often asked 'how do we get the right water temperature for the perfect bowl of Japanese Tea?'.  You can of course use a temperature controlled kettle but traditionally, in Japan, the Yuzamashi or Water Cooler is used.  We have a few in stock / black flowered / glazed patterned & more simple red

Don't forget the Cups!

It's not just about the teapots the choice of cup has a huge impact on the final tea experience!  We have a small range of cups from Tokoname - from this robust green brown cup to the more delicate yellow brown textured cup.  The bright green of teas from Japan light up in this white cup whereas this grey cup is great for black teas

A teapot to suit all tea types

Beautiful Japanese cast iron [IWACHU] teapots are finally back in stock.  These teapots are great for any type of tea and cared for properly will last many years.  This years we have a small range available in blackredplum & blue silver

Glass Infuser Mugs

Sometimes only a big mug of tea will do & when we feel this way we turn to our glass infuser mugs which do the job perfectly.  We have this simple, smooth glass mug with bamboo lid & also this ridged mug :both perfect for any type of tea

Celebrating the Gaiwan

The Gaiwan, or Chinese lidded bowl, is a beautiful tea ritual which not only makes your tea taste great but requires care & attention that can transform any tea-time into a quiet, calm moment.  We have a range of gaiwan in stock but our favourites are 1. Most practical : Blue bird on cherry branch  // 2. Most eye catching : Golden Carp Gaiwan  //  3.Sweetest : Chrysanthemum Gaiwan.  Can't decide?  Why not take a look at our Gaiwan Gift Set

For the most beautiful tea sets we of course head to South Korea

When we think of wonderful tea times we so often think of the wonderful teaware from great friend Seong Il Hong.  This beautiful stoneware-mixed iron teaset is perfect for more heavily oxidised oolong & black teas.  Other favourites from Seong Ils studio are this Onggi inspired black scratch teapot  & stunning porcelain clay nuka glaze teacups

Time for tea with Penzance based Jack Doherty

We are delighted to bring you these very special sodafired stoneware tea bowls from Jack Doherty.  As Jack explains; 'My work is made using one clay, one colouring mineral & a single firing. Over the years the process has become simpler & more refined in the belief that stripping away the unnecessary can produce work with complexity & depth' Limited Stock

Beautiful Yunomi from Dorset Based Yo Thom

Our Yuonomi cups are made by Dorset Based Potter Yo Thom in several different designs.  As Yo explains : 'Yunomi is the term for tea cups for everyday use to drink green tea. They are narrower and taller than a Matcha Teabowl, and generally people hold it with one hand, whereas a Matcha tea bowl has to be held with both hands'.  The perfect winter tea bowl to hug!  Limited Stock

Tea Napkins

We have a number of tea napkins from our own brand Comins Cat NapkinCake Napkin & Teapot Napkin as well as some beautiful larger table napkins made from bright Kenyan fabrics that we picked up on our last tea sourcing trip.  Sure to brighten & transform any any tea-time.

Cake Plates, mats & cloths

Tea is so often accompanied by sweet treats or savoury snacks.  We love these simple tokoname sweet plates & these most beautiful South Korean triangular plates from Hyejin, British rush mats , this bright vibrant Ramie cloth & our table mats from Jingdezhen 

Treat someone to Tea For 2

One of our most popular offerings in the Tea House : Tea for Two : is now available as a voucher.  A tea of your choide & a sharing platter of Gyoza, Dal & Salad - surely a gift that would brighten any winters day!

If you know someone who loves Comins but are not sure what they would like we offer a number of different vouchers which you can browse here

Tea Tasting ExperienceTea Subscriptions & Tea Retreat

Enjoy your own personal one hour ONLINE tea tasting with Michelle or Rob Comins with our new 'Tea Tasting Experience Gift Box'.  

Of course we also have our popular tea subscription available for either 6 or 12 months.  We also offer vouchers for our upcoming tea retreat which will take place in January in the heart of nature > learn more here

Tea Scoops to suit all teas

We have a number of beautiful scoops for tea which will delight any tea lover - from the ornate flower scoop, to the more simple cherry wood scoop or wooden scoop.  We also of course still stock our British Caddy Spoon - with us from the very early days of Comins Tea.

One cup infusion : simple

First up these nifty ball infusers with micro perforated stainless steel are perfect for a one cup of small teapot infusion.  We also have our disposable tea filters for tea at home or on the move.  Finally we have our cotton filters from assam which you can wash out & re-use! 

Simple sets to discover tea

New for this year our Tea Selection box contains 10 pre-filled tea filters with single servings of tea along with a tasting card which helps you to keep notes on your favourites!  On the theme of discovery we also have our popular Travel the World tea packs which include a variety of 15g teas.  Finally we have our EXPLORE OOLONGEXPLORE WHITE, EXPLORE GREENEXPLORE BLACK sets - perfect for those looking to get more depth in one category.

Everything you need to prepare different teas

Do you know someone who loves Matcha?  Or is obsessed with Japanese green teas?  Then these sets may be the perfect gift this festive season.  We have a variety of 'in depth' sets which we hope you enjoy browsing :-

Kyusu Gift Set
Gaiwan Gift Set
Matcha Gift Set

Grey Pattern Tokoname pot

This handthrown tokoname teapot is both beautiful & practical for everyday use. 

At 200ml it can be used for Japanese green and black teas as well as teas from our Taiwanese collection - a lovely pot!

Japanese 'Houbin'

This beautiful traditional "Tokoname" [see below] Japanese Houbin is a type of handle-less Japanese teapot. It is especially good for high-quality teas such as Gyokuro or Kamairichi

Taiwanese Aroma Cup Set

In the 1980s, when the very fragrant & very floral style of greener oolong became popular artisans & tea makers making tea-ware developed a specific aroma cup - not for drinking tea but for appreciating the aroma.  This formed part of a 3 part set & ceremony to help appreciate tea in all its senses.  Learn more here

Handwoven Baskets from Darjeeling 

If you have been in either of our tea houses you will know we have a large collection of baskets!  While in Darjeeling this year we had these mini baskets made for everyone who has ever asked about them!  Perfect for keeping your favourite packets of tea in - perhaps mounted on the wall?

Bags for tea on the move

We use these bags every day for taking our tea with us wherever we go.  Especially made for tea in Jingdezhen once you start using them to carry your teaware you will wonder how you managed without them! [also in pink & dark green]

Travel flasks

New in, this striking pouring flask with two infusers is great for taking out into nature.  Pack your favourite cup and simply pour out your tea for a wonderful tea moment out-of-home.  You may also like out glass flaskspink, red & teal

BATH : Late night Opening & Tea Social

Wednesday 14.12.22 / Time 5-7pm

Please join us for a late night opening & FIRST tea social; a chance to catch up with the Tea House community in an informal setting, taste some teas & purchase any tea gifts. We are offering Tea & vegetarian curry for £5 which you can book below

If you would simply like to come in to browse our teas, teaware and gifts then please just call in!  

DORSET : Dark Days : Early Morning Tea & Meditation

Mon 12th / Weds14th / Fri 16th Dec
6AM - 6.45AM

Join Michelle & Camille in the calm & quiet candlelight of the Dorset Tea House & celebrate the dark days of winter.  A way to start the day together in community but also in quietness.  

No cost : Please simply email for more details & if you would like to join 


Our Dorset Tea House will continue our term time hours with ONE ADDITIONAL SATURDAY! 

Opening days before Christmas are :-

Thursday 8th & Friday 9th - 11am -3pm
Thursday 15th & Friday 16th - 11am -3pm
SATURDAY 17th 10am -2pm 
[please book to avoid disappointment]

CLICK & COLLECT UP TO 24th by appointment

We will then re-open on Thursday 12th January!


Our Bath Tea House will open up until Christmas [apart from Christmas eve] and this year we will open BETWEEN Christmas & New Year before closing for a week in January.  Opening days before Christmas are :-

Tues 6th - Fri 9th - 11-4pm / Sat 10th 11-5pm
Tues 13th - Fri 16th - 11-4pm / Sat 17th 11-5pm
Tues 20th - Fri 23rd - 11-5pm
Tues 27th - Fri 30th
- 11-4pm

We will then re-open on Tuesday 10th January!

With the postal strikes coming up over Christmas we will continue to despatch parcels via Royal mail up to the 16th December.  After this we will move to using DPD tracked delivery for orders up to the 21st.  Both of these options should reach you by Christmas but there are of course things that are out of our control so if you are ordering PLEASE order early if you can!  Thank you!




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