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We don't do blends.....try Earl grey the Comins way

We love going on the road.  We love meeting new people, sharing tea and, in the process hearing about their passions.  It can lead to new partnerships and connections, some more surprising than others....

For those of you already familiar with us you will know that we specialise in personally sourced {we visit the estates} single estate tea.  We don't blend for our own label as we believe that the fine teas we find for you speak for themselves, as they are, on their own.  So you might wonder what an Earl Grey Comins Style might look on to find out!

Yesterday we were intrigued to work alongside Hole & Corner, Pump Street Bakery & London Borough of Jam and the very talented wood turner Robin Fawcett at their winter wood.  Picture the scene - upstairs at Habitat on the Kings Road Sam and his team had created a winter wood full of Christmas trees from Shaftesbury and complete with our own tea bar from which we served samples of tea and displayed our teaware.


There were plenty of good conversations with people interested in teas, processes, brewing techniques and methods.  We even met a young tea connoisseur Louis who wanted to taste every single tea - he tried the majority  and showed an excellent awareness of different flavours presented to him - a sign it is never to early to start!


Alongside our tea were tasters of delicious sourdoughs from Pump Street Bakery accompanied by Jam from the London Borough of Jam - this threw up some interesting pairings :-

+ Clementine and brandy - good with our strong black teas and later darjeelings.

+ Bergamot - good with our golden tip assam and Imboolpitiya ceylon - creating a really good Earl Grey.

+ Rhubarb - went well across a range of teas an especially good contrast with genmaicha.

+ Amalfi lemon and vanilla – was good with the lighter teas such as the white tea or even a first flush darjeeling.

We had a great day & tea pairing was great fun - so why not try it at home - grab yourself some Bergamot Jam, make a bowl of our rich malty golden tip assam or bright invigorating ceylon and enjoy Earl Grey the Comins way!

{Thanks to Hole & Corner & Holly at Platform for involving us in this great event}

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