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Why we choose to support British Makers....

Yesterday, in a field near Westerham Kent, we attended the Great British Family Fayre.  The Fayre was set up by a normal British Family who want to prove that our nation still leads the world in manufacture, farming and production.

There were great British brands Derwent, LUSH, MSE , King of Shaves and some new and innovative British companies like Roadil and Beulah Home .  Amongst all these was our stand showcasing our British Teaware.  The whole show was filled will passionate British companies all taking time out to share expertise, educate, answer questions and most importantly try to engage the future generation to think more about where things come from rather than succumbing to mass consumerism.

Our part in this was part fulfilled by inviting people to take a seat at our Tea Bar {above} where we encouraged visitors of all ages to pick up our tins, spoons, teabowls, napkins and feel the quality, discuss the craftmanship.  We spent a lot of time talking about how our British made teaware is designed to be functional make loose leaf tea a more accessible everyday pleasure.  On the other side of our stand was Rachel Dormor the amazing ceramicist who has worked so closely with us since we first decided we wanted our own range of tea bowls and pots.


Rachel took a whole day out of her week to spend it with us in a field turning bowls with enthusiastic children.  There was a queue all day, the children were all impeccably behaved, they all used their hands to create something while we invited their parents to take tea in the tea bowls that Rachel created for us.  I got the sense they would remember the experience.  Perhaps next time they pick up a tea bowl or a mug they might ask where it is made, might be more careful not to break it and might take the attitude that yes, when you #Buy British you may pay a little more - but you buy for the style, quality, the story and of course for a product made to last.  That is why we support and are proud to work with amazing British craftspeople like Rachel.

So this is why we support British Makers - we hope we have inspired you to as well!

Learn more about our British Teaware and purchase online to start making great tea an everyday pleasure here

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