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Positive Moments : Time

Positive moments : Time 
A short video to bring our week focused on ‘time’ (& the positivity that can come from time taken over tea) to a close.  Some of the teas we have been enjoying are Qi Dan, Sencha Harashima, Qing Xing White & Soo Soo Choi's Hong Cha.

We take tea everywhere we go - quality leaves + simple tea rituals = time well spent either alone or with friends & family. In busy lives it is easy to forget to make time for ourselves and others - tea friends share everyday in the tea house how transformative these simple moments, once discovered and welcomed into our daily routines, can be. . So remember : even when it feels there is no time there is always time for positive moments over tea.
If you feel in need a calm start to the week then why not put the kettle on and join this short meditation from our great friend Camille Elizabeth >
the second of 4 meditations we are sharing over the first few months of the year.  This meditation 'AIR' encourages feelings of spaciousness.  So why not put the kettle on and take a little time out over #tea : our choice in this video is a beautiful Taiwan Bi Luo Chun light & uplifting


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